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  • Emma Nicole Capell
    This is like, hot!!
    But it NEEDS an update on Luke. And more rape-smut.
    House Of Perverts!
    House Of Perverts!
    9 guys 1 girl. How bad could it be? Oh ya SUPER BAD! Especially when they are all perverts! It's gonna be so hard for Autumn.
  • Emma Nicole Capell
    I really hope you guys like it! I didn't expect any reads at all let alone nearly 40 in a few days!! Now updating :*
    Lukes Diary. (R-Rated)
    Lukes Diary. (R-Ra...
    There is a lot if smut... Yes I am messed up. But there are some sweet parts. I'm really bad at those so sorry if you like romance. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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