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I like food. Nuff said.

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    Like it? I love it!
    One Choice Can Revive You Tris had waited three and a half years. That was how long ago that she had seen Tobias and Caleb. She was given a choice, to chose Caleb or Tobias. The answer was obvious....
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    I absolutely love the story! I find it interesting and this is a great plot. Keep being awesome :P
    The Trials
    The Trials
    When an insane Prime Minister reads The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, he gets inspiration from them and creates the Trials for every Year 11 student to face. Every year, one is held in every school. 240...
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    Thank you :) I'll try to be awesome, it can be difficult at times :P
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    I love this book, I wonder what will happen to Aurelia/Alannis
    Empty Minds
    Empty Minds
    What if your memory was erased and the next thing you knew, you were shoved into a completely different faction to your own? Would you find a way to survive? Or would you find more?
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    Anyone want to be in my new book?

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    This is a divergent fanfic, if you would like to be in it just say your characters name, age, old faction, new faction (if they are a transfer) Personality, appearance, family (can be from any faction), what they got in their apitude test and likes/hates/hobbies etc.
    The story follows the journey of Zaneeta, a transfer in Dauntless initiation, and her friends from all factions. You can be anything you like.
    The story is called Convergent, the first book in a series.
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    I don't really mind. Major perhaps?
    7 years ago
    Name: Jaya Clemons
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Ocean blue eyes, Dirty and long blonde hair.
    Family: Mother, (Dad died before birth)
    Likes: Sitting on the pier in her hometown
    Hates: Her mom trying to find another father
    Hobbies: Dances, sings, swims and running
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    Name: Rachel Smith (Rach for short)
    age: 15
    appearance: Dark blood red hair, icy grey eyes, pale skin, weird purple lips that don't have makeup on them. Tall and skinny
    family: no family, they all were murdered :O
    Faction: Dauntless
    likes: Thunder storms, fires
    hates: cruelty to animals]
    hobbies: singing, reading, drawing
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