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Hi!Welcome, this is Ender (´・ω・`)

The new profile picture is Mabel from Gravity Falls.
from: http://starfleetrambo.tumblr.com/
she's an amazing artist please show her some support.

Online( )
Riding Unicorn(x)
Browsing mindlessly through the Internet(x)
Doing Homework(never)
Watching anime/manga( )
Being Awesome(xxxxxxxxxxx)

I usually write some fan fictions. Here are the fandoms I'm in:(not in order of favourites I love all of them)
- Digimon Adventure 01(&02 but I prefer the first one)(also TRI when it comes out)
- Hetalia
- Doctor Who
- Kagerou Project
- Sherlock(BBC)
- Harry Potter
- Shuuen no Shiori
- Gravity Falls
- Steven Universe
- South Park
- Youtube(Phandom)
- Youtube(Cryaotic)
- Vocaloids
- RPG game (ib)
- RPG game (Forest of Drizzling Rain)

I sometimes translate something from Chinese to English. Bwahaha.

If you have anything English and want me to translate them into Chinese for others to read, message me.
Serious. if you think your work is good for a certain fandom, message me.

I REALLY hates Mary Sues, :3