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I am a long time Information Technology Major, and a former Navy Protected Veteran but I have a strong love and passion for writing, also an avid reader with a very large collection of books. I have many influences through the years (Pro Authors) and those influences have kept me writing and strong in literature for over 20 years. I have completed over fifty short stories, three novellas, two serials to my credit and dozens of articles. Most of my writing began for the High School and College Newspapers. It was a hobby at first but the fun and passion started in college where I found a small following of fans who believed in me...

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    mumbled "Destination Starlight Posted (Prelude to my Series) "

    Tells more indepth of Rijiin and his misadventure to find his way into the past and of his captivity in time finding change, healing and perhaps a new existence in life. (Preludes Healing Starlight, Return of Starlight and forever Starlight) Fsn Fiction to Strands of Starlight Series - Gaul Bsudino. (between her four books) BEST damn fantasy series i ever read that really touches you... WELL done.
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    mumbled "Healing Starlight UPDATED"

    Soryy for the fucked up post folks that was resolved and it has more new material that links to prelude Destination Starlight that tells of Rijiin's captivity in time for over a year... (references to it)

    Enjoy... again my apologizes theist the parts were screwed making it garbled. it was totally UNINTENTIONAL.
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    What does that mean again????????????????
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    FA fireman apprentice but the correct rate posthumously will be mm3 (Machinist Mate 3rd)
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    mumbled "Updating Healing Starlight with new material"

    Putting new material in and will let ya all know when its posted, it will be in connection to a prelude to the series called Destination Starlight, telling of Rijiin's captivity for a period before he travels using Elven magic to the future to help and heal an old friend.
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    is it me or does the person in the picture look like that "BIEBER GUY???" OMG... NOOOO although not a bad ending for that dude,... can't terrorize our youth with that voice of his...
    The Tunnel on the Edge of Heaven
    The Tunnel on the...
    An young Atheist man is double crossed on a bad drug deal, abused by family and forced into drugs where he is killed and locked forever in the infinity of oblivion. A contest Entry of
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    Yup thats usually how it starts in school... they label you for sexuality... even i went through that nonsense... because all the girls in Galefornea (Schwarzenegger - eze for California) are self centered stuck up, gold digging females who wont give people a fair shake if you dont meet to their overly high standards. NO i am not gay... but i can relate to this... I got labeled in Calif when i returned from the east... Because no one bothered to give me a chance.

    Hell when i was in the east, i had a girl, a beautiful dynamic, smart, witty, fun-loving, and very passionate. i wrote a story for her called redemption and second chances. i was forced to leave there because of parents divorce and did not say goodbye. and have regretted that for over 25 years. I am in touch with her after these many decades and she is married... but she is as beautiful as ever.

    Dude: My Sexuality
    Dude: My Sexuality
    -entry for the diary competition- Luke, a teenage boy who's world is currently upside down, is faced with the challenge of accepting who he is. This challenge is made incredibly difficult for him when...
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