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I mostly write action/adventure, with the occasional teen fic sprinkled in. Always a little bit of romance, always a little bit of drama, and sometimes a little death *laughs evilly

I'm always up for reading things, so feel free to suggest your stories to me! I'm always up for feedback-for-feedback, just message me and I'd be happy to look at your stories as long as you do the same for me :)

  • fantaxyoreality

    mumbled "should i even continue my entry for the talent show pt. 2?"

    I've kind of lost motivation so you help me decide. Here's a teaser. It's called "Flightless"

    I was in the bookshop, browsing through the aisles, and something about her caught my eye. I think it was the patch of sunlight, that had broken its way through the parted blinds, reflecting off her necklace. It could've been the vibrant red cover of the book tucked under her arm, or maybe her shuffling footsteps or the music playing through her headphones, loud enough that I could make out Panic at the Disco. Whichever it was, it caught my attention. Something about her or something on her forced me to glance over, and once I had, I found it impossible to look away. Her unreadable face pulled me in, and her — well, lopsidedness, for lack of a better word — intrigued me endlessly. She leaned over to her left side to counter-balance the weight of her obviously-heavy backpack slung casually over her right shoulder. Her right arm clutched the strap of her Jansport pack, her left held a large binder, the book with the bright red cover, a phone connected to white earbuds, and a denim jacket. She shuffled her way through the aisles, taking long, dragging steps across the carpeted floor.
    Katie Pharoah
    2 years ago
    Sounds interesting so far, I think you should continue it :)
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