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Shoutout to my mom for giving birth to me in the same era as One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer
Well there's not much to say other than I'd rather glo up now rather than later ��

  • Harrys.BabyGxrl
    Hey I'm back it's been a long time, but I completely forgot about movellas and I'm really sorry to everyone who commented asking me to update and stuff but I'm back and I'm not going anywhere ❤️, if I updated my previous stories would you guys still read them or should I make some new ones? -��Lia��
  • Harrys.BabyGxrl
    Hey ugh I hate introductions well anyways I just wanted to say.... Hey it's been a really looooonnnngggg time but I'm back �� anyhow I'm going to be updating all of my stories so yeah be prepared
  • Harrys.BabyGxrl
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    OMG THank you so much
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