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Reading my books will tell you everything about me...
Well that's a lie. Let me introduce myself. Not a fake but me.

I am Cheyenne, sometimes I'm called Chey I am sarcastic, I am sometimes insecure, I am a confident person, a good portion of time, I love wolves, lions (My zodiac is a Leo, lion) and chameleons because I can be as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles.
I also love The Mortal Instruments Series and Cassandra Clare's books. Harry Potter Forever! Fallout is life!
I love the numbers 4, 7, and 22. I love country music and I'm a country girl at heart. I am clumsy but smart. I am kind of blunt and honest. Don't hurt me or the ones I love. I have no bae but that's alright. I will survive. I love writing, reading, drawing, playing volleyball and soccer, I kind of suck at soccer but hey, practice will make me better. The Walking Dead is what I love to watch and red and green are my favorite colors.
Well bye lovelies and enjoy my books!!! XD <3

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    mumbled "Whoohoo"

    It's Valentine's day people! I was hoping everyone who reads this, will comment their reason for loving today and an amazing story involving someone they love! Just to celebrate Valentines Day. (Jon Jon has still not talked to me so I don't know.) Hope all of you are feeling lovable today!
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    Ok, so this is about me asking Jon Jon out.
    Yesterday, I decided to walk with Jon Jon after the 4th hour. His friend Pablo, interrupted me as I was asking Jon Jon if I could talk to him.
    "Pablo, go away. I'm trying to talk to him."
    "Well, whatever you have to say I can be part of too."
    I glare at him as Jon Jon looks at the floor on our way through the hall.
    "Fine...will you go out with me?" My blood was boiling and my heart was beating million miles per hour.
    "Seriously?" Jon stops in his tracks as I look up at him, and he is 5'7 while I'm 5'0. Pablo makes a face and stays behind us as we keep going.
    "Yea, if you need to think about I can wait." Jon smiles and nods.
    "Yea, I need to think."
    "Ok," We both say at the same time and I rush to get to my class.
    I hear Pablo yell behind me, "Guess what? Cheyenne asked Jon Jon out!" And all his friends started saying ooh and laughing as I was blushing furiously. Then two hours later, Jon and I sit next to each other and he doesn't even say a word as his friends keep whispering, "yes?"
    Then I watch him go and buy a valegram and smile at me as Pablo laughs at something he said. Now today he has not answered and he hardly talked to me. What does this mean? I don't know. I will keep you guys updated. Please post this and maybe add your own comment or story about asking someone out. Please don't laugh. I'm still having a hard time right now. Thank you, lots of love!
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    Short stories
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