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"sometimes you gotta fall before you fly" - kellin quinn
Im a self harmer, i have clinical depression, but we arn't all perfect. Please dont laugh but my names forever..... I know weird name but I like it. NIbody at school does though! they think im some random weird creep! they hate me and i have scars to fucking prove it!
i love every living thing and i wish every living thing loved me but hey it never works like that

  • If_You_could_see_me_now
    Am I allowed to scream at how fucking amazing this is !!!???
    Somewhere in Neverland | All Time Low *Completed*
    Somewhere in Never...
    16 year old Wendy Price isn't the prettiest or most popular girl in school. After being dragged to an All Time Low concert by her emo best friend Gemma, Wendy finds herself stuck in numerous unlikely situations...
    6 years ago
  • If_You_could_see_me_now
    i love it so much it is so ifferent from anything i have ever read
    Truth Or Dare
    Truth Or Dare
    Lets play a game. 8 players, 2 choices. Pick truth- punishment less severe, Pick dare- and be prepared.
  • If_You_could_see_me_now

    mumbled "im back"

    sorry i havnt been online guys ive been out of town for a week , im still on the brink but u guys hav given me support and i love you for it xxx thankyou i might be saved soon xxx
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    i may be a one direction fan but i have read the first chapter and iget what you mean i understand when people wwrite things about rape and kidnapping but really there is to much of it i may write about thing like that later but it wont be crafical and i wont make it awful but when people make it so gross im there vomiting in the corner
    Rants of Movellas
    Rants of Movellas
    My pen name is Movellas Reporter. I warn you before you read this... If you're a One Direction fan... you're gonna be offended. These are the rants I've posted on the forums. Or maybe some of the movellas...
  • If_You_could_see_me_now
    youre beautiful i promise im not so yeah, please dont get to the state im in now, tresure life
    My Story
    My Story
    Ok so here it goes, Hi im sarah and this is my story, its short but hey we arnt all fucking perfect
    7 years ago
    youre fucking perfect girl, i saw youre mumble please dont do it life gets better i promise xxx im here you have me
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