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Hello :)x

Do you guys have an imaginary world in your mind where every single thing is narrated by you? I do. Actually, I have many. I imagine myself in various universes where each of me has a differnet life story, and each story has its own outcome.

Most people tell me that a world like that can't really exist. But I refuse to believe that.

My fantasy world is beautiful. I don't plan on letting the reality crush it.

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ muah

  • JennyLuRoaxe
    Not shitty at all! You've got all your readers on the edge just from this little prologue! I'm excited :)
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    6 years ago
    You really need to update! This story is so good and you stopped writing when it got interesting again!!
  • JennyLuRoaxe

    mumbled "I'm not dead, don't worry. "

    MY GOODNESS. I have a lot to say. I'll try keeping this as short as possible though, don't worry. Some of you may or may not know that I clumsily injured myself about a year ago. 5 months later, when I hadn't even fully recovered yet, I managed to worsen my condition. From then until about a week ago, I was like a handicap who could barely do anything. I don't want any of you to pity me for sharing a boring sob story, but I went through quite a lot this past year and four months haha.

    NOW THAT THAT'S OVER, GUESS WHAT?! Jenny LuRoaxe proudly announces that “You're Mine. I Bought You." is no longer on hiatus! I am so sorry to all of you who have gone crazy waiting for an update, but do not fret, I will post the next chapter shortly. And by shortly, I mean SHORTLY. I won't sleep tonight until I finish that next chapter! >:D

    I read all the comments and saw how the popularity of the Movella has progressed even though I was not even updating. It made me so happy. I wish I could send all of you a hug and some cake lols. Thank you so so so so much, my Beauties! :)x
    Well I'm Chelle
    6 years ago
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    Yay!! I'm so freaking excited for the update! Get well (or heal or something like that) soon!
    Skylar Styles <3
    6 years ago
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    Can't wait for the update!!! X
  • JennyLuRoaxe

    mumbled "“You're Mine. I Bought You.” Hiatus"

    Hello everyone, I am posting on behalf of Jenny to say that her Movella, "You're Mine. I Bought You." is on Hiatus. Some of you might have noticed that she hasn't updated the story for about a month now. This is because about a month ago, Jenny fractured her back and has been told to stay in bed since. She's said to recovere after about 3 months, but she's determined to get back on this site in about a week or so! Until then, the Movella will be on Hiatus and Jenny asks all of you to please be patient and that she apologizes for not being able to write!
    7 years ago
    Hope she feels better.
  • JennyLuRoaxe
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    Wow, you're doing an amazing job so far!x It's so intruiging and mysterious. Keep it up! ;)x
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    Life Is A Lie
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  • JennyLuRoaxe
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    Hi there, fellow Movellians! I know I haven't updated in weeks and most of you are all becoming impatient. I am oh so very sorry :/ The reason I haven't been writing is due to some personal family issues. However, I'm back and I'm promising you all an update by the end of this week! ;D Look forward to it, lovely beauties! ;)xoxo
    You're Mine. I Bought You.
    You're Mine. I Bou...
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    8 years ago
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    That's great to hear! Oooh i'm excited now xD
    8 years ago
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