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Hey I love 1D and I am in love with mustaches, punching things (i wrestled for 7 years), fighting, screaming, wasting money, and I recently found that I am a 2nd cousin of Harry Styles (i actually saw him at a reunion OMG right?!) erm... I also love a rock band Cherri Bomb they are awesome. You should love them also gbye!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    omc this is awesome! Update soon, if you can! O.M.C oh my carrots,,,,,,,
    You're My Drug
    You're My Drug
    My God sits in the back of the limousine my God comes in a wrapper of cellophane my God pouts on the cover of the magazine my god's a shallow bitch trying to make a scene i have arrived and this time...
    8 years ago
    lol thanks! Okay, I'm writing the second chapter righttttt nowwww.

  • KloeyLoves1DSoMuch
    Update. And I mean soon. Thnx
    My maths teacher, Harry
    My maths teacher,...
    The summer holiday is now over and Samantha Blackman is turns back to school . The popular girls is still there, the boring teacher's still there but one thing's different though, there's a new maths teacher....
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