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☀ stressed depressed but well dressed ☀

I h a t e y o u t o t h e m o o n a n d b a c k

just a sad adventurwholockian who writes crap stories

  • pastel_potato

    mumbled "new story??"

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    But idk? Because ik it won't get popular cause it doesn't involve someone sucking Harry Styles wing-wang so???
    Wingardium Levi-Assbutt
    "someone sucking Harry Styles wing-wang" I'm laughing so hard omg XD (It is kind of true, though) but I think you should still write it if you want to.
    6 years ago
    For that line alone you deserve a million fans. I would fan you, but I've already done it. XD
    You should definitely write something. If you have a brilliant plot/characters and whatnot, then I'm sure it'll be famous! :)
    6 years ago
    @[Wingardium Levi-Assbutt] @[Rhapsody] I think I will ^-^.

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