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Hn. . . My name is Luna Ookami. . .

Likes: Dango, anime. music, cloud watching, training, reading, singing, and sleeping

Dislikes: Bullies, jerks, people who can't find their inner voice that says "Don't do that," fate, and revenge

Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Drawing, and Cloud Watching

Goal: Well many say it's impossible but I want to save everyone from that darkness that wants us to break

Past: Well mine is to dark to see and well I'm the wolf that's falling in the snow and the ravens lost partner who can not go on anymore.

Sayings: I will not fall and I won't rest until you're gone and my loved one's are safe, Oi who ever said I would fail in the first place baka, I will fight till my last breath to keep my comrades safe, I don't care how many times you hurt me but I will never let you near them.

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz66lTcjN1w

  • Luna Ookami

    mumbled ". . . *sighs and shakes head* . . . "

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    Today I am sitting here and I read an article about the black lives matter and how it is different from the civil rights movement in 1960s. I have to say that I agree with it because being 17 now and I am seeing people my age siding with them but hate clouding their judgment. They are even with killing innocent people, saying how nuking a country will solve all the problems. But it won't it will only cause more pain and violence then good. Sitting here I can honestly say that America is going to hell and I haven't lived long enough to have a life with a husband and kids. Yet now I don't want to have kids and have them grow in a world were we all just hate one another. . . How can we live like this? How can we stand here and think that death is justifiable?! The water from the ocean has the tears of all those who have been hurt and carried them for years. The soil of the earth has drank our blood from the first people of the world. The air carries the screams of those who scream for their dead loved ones and for all the wars that have destroyed their lives. We all grow with each other and breath together even if some people don't see it. We are all equal no matter what. We all feel. We have all cried tears. We all have screamed into the wind. We have giving the earth our blood from our wounds.
    I never want to live in a world that can't even think of others but themselves. It's not just black lives that matter. What about the lives of so many different lives. Even people from the middle east matter. They deserve to dream. They deserve what we have! So don't sit there and think you're the only one that matter!
    Even though I'm 17 I see invisible flames burning the world. My goal. . . it's been my goal since I was younger. You don't want to see the things I have seen. I walk the same streets and see people hiding how they feel. We all do it.
    Like I said so many times we are all human. We all have dreams. We all have goals. Yes we live differently but that doesn't mean I am not like you. I want this world not to die from all the pain we are giving it. Don't look at this world with hatred but with forgiveness. Yes it's hard to forget but it's easy to forgive. Never forget that.
    ~ You don't want to see the thing's I've seen~
  • Luna Ookami

    mumbled ". . .Watching the darkness sallow me whole. . . "

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    You know over time people say that whatever you're feeling doesn't matter? How depression is nothing and to just get over it? Well we can't just get over it. . . It's been with us since forever and it feels like everything we do is a failure and we aren't good enough. . . Sometimes we just give up and just lay down and let it consume us whole and we lose our selves. . . It doesn't matter? We are waiting to be found and to have a hand to be there to pull us up and a person to just be there. Not asking those stupid questions "Oh are you okay?" or "Do you want to talk about it?" no just no. We want somebody to just hold us and to not say anything just let us cry without getting judged or asked what's wrong. If we hadn't said anything about it then we're not going to say anything now. . . We just want people to be there and to give us a smile. . . A reason for us to keep going. . . that's all we want. . .
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