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Hey so my name is Ivy Moonlit(pronounced, Moonlight)
Anyways, I'm sure you want to know more about me then how to say my name right, so here's my little blurb. I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter, in fact J.K.Rowling is the main author who inspired me to write. I published my first book when I was in Grade 7, which you can find the link to buy and support me on my website which is linked below. Besides my authors side, I love all types or art, Minus visual, i'm not to good at drawing. I like to skate, play basketball, and dance, sometimes I can be crazy funny, I've been told i'm a great leader, and i'm very mature for my age apparently.
if you want to contact me to ask me questions just email me at ivy_moonlit@yahoo.com and ill Try to return your email ASAP.

I began this account a while back, when I first started to write, so you can imagine, the stories, and my grammar aren't very good, i'll have OLD in the beginning of the story summary so you know its probably not one of my better works. I made the decision to not take them down because I always love it when I can see how my favorite authors writing style and how they've improved.
Anyways, have a great day, hope you made it to the end of this, an hope you enjoy my new upcoming books! ;)

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    Hi!! Kinda new here (In a way), does anybody know how often there's a new competition? There used to be one like once every two weeks but there hasn't been a running competition for nearly a month now.
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    Hey! I'm backs to stay and properly write after almost a whole two years now, and I'd like to just start off by asking if anyone has any advice on what I should write about now, what do people read the most? What are you interested in reading?
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    tbh, I think it's best to focus on writing something you're interested in. This way, you'll be more inspired to keep updating!
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    I think Rihanna is A. She's almost never there when something happened. I mean, the mother's can't do this because they're trying to avoid it, and the rest of the girls are always together
    Pretty Little Liars-The End of The Beginning
    Pretty Little Liar...
    It is Summer in Rosewood and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Ali and Hanna are back but this time it is 15 years later… The girls have grown up and moved on with their lives but little do they know that A is back...
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