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Be the side-character everyone loves

Hiya! I'm May, I'm your resident transgender, lesbian, Christian, feminist, singing. song-writing, poet.
If you have any questions about any of that, feel free to ask.
Expect poems and stories of joy and freedom.
I am...technically the same person as Parsavagely...but also's complicated.

Vocaloids (Megurine Luka <3)
Area 11
James Bay
Frank Turner
Esmé Patterson
+ Basically any artist or band - I like most genres.

TV shows/anime:
Doctor Who
SAO (I and II)
Angel Beats!
Hibike! Euphonium (1 & 2)
Haruhi Suzimiya
[Attack on Titan is on my to watch list]

Anyway, enjoy my many writings!!

Poem of the Day: A Reflection

by , Sunday January 22, 2017
Poem of the Day: A Reflection



750 days later...

Writing a poem every day is tough, but is it worth it?

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  • May Hayashi

    mumbled "Been a long while"

    1 years agoReply
    Hi, I don't know how many of you are still around, but I wanted to check in and let you know how things are going for me.

    Firstly, I have passed my 2nd year of University, it's been tough but I've got through it.

    I've also now been taking hormones for 1 and a half years, and all is going well with that ^_^

    In terms of writing, I have not had much chance for writing on my own but I have found a pretty awesome roleplay community where I have had a lot of fun crafting characters and running mini storylines. I have also been working on a new project playing around with soundscapes, which I hope to be ready over the summer. It's mostly a proof of concept but if it's received well I will do more.

    I have also been writing a lot of music, if you want to hear that the stuff I've published is all here:

    Otherwise I just wanna say, thank you all, I love you all still and will always be grateful for the opportunities this place gave me. <3
    Katie Pharoah
    1 years ago
    Congrats on Uni and good luck with your writing :)
    Molly Looby
    1 years ago
    Great to hear from you! :) Glad you're doing well!
  • May Hayashi

    mumbled "I have published 1000 poems"

    3 years agoReply
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    So although my poem of the day is not yet at 1000 (It's getting close though) in total, I have now published 1000 poems on Hello Poetry! Pretty exciting - if you wanna check them out and get some retro "Parsavagely" vibes, check out my HP account here:
    (My profile pic is the first one I used for Movellas!)

    So yeah, that's a lot of poems...AND I'M NOT DONE YET :P
    3 years ago
    Congrats thats amazing♡
  • May Hayashi

    mumbled "This song means so much to me"

    3 years agoReply

    Get Better by Frank Turner came at the perfect time for me.
    I was on the edge, I knew I needed to change to be happy, but I didn't believe I could.
    I could see two futures, one was easy and the other was terrifying - but the easy route was shorter.
    I had no self-belief, no expectations, no goal.
    The lyrics of this song spoke to me like nothing before it.
    And now, here I am.
    I'm going to the university I dreamed of
    I have a plan for my future
    I've changed my name and appearance
    I've become a girl
    And not only that
    I am a HAPPY girl
    Of course - the road doesn't end here
    I'm not perfect,
    but I can still get better
    I will KEEP getting better
    Because I'm not dead yet.

  • May Hayashi


    3 years agoReply
    So, on Thursday I will find out if I have done enough to get into university - how I will react to the result I have no idea but I may well be either bouncing of the walls or crying for days. Whatever the result though, I will be able to (finally) show you guys what I wrote for my Creative Writing A-level

    So, mark it on your diary, THURSDAY 17TH AUGUST, for a cute little story, a series of poems and a partially complete playscript
    the force of storms
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    Good luck in advance for your results! :) My GCSE results day is in just under two weeks and I'm dreading it, so I can understand how you're feeling xD
    May Hayashi
    3 years ago
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    Thank you, and good luck to you too
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