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Hello, my name is Melissa but call me Meli or Mel. I lived in the place, which is in England, London. (Not telling you which part of London.)

Also not telling you my age, some of you knew my age.

I do like the music:
K-Pop - Got7, BTS, etc...
Punk Pop

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Complete story:
Nerd Makeover
I'm Adopted??
Living with 1 Direction
Meet... One Direction!!
Best Friend

If you think you are not a good writer, then don't even thinking about that...

Because if you do it, then your writing is going to be low...
I think you are a good writer!

S-Soft personal
S-Silence girl
A-An Amazing of my friends


by , Thursday October 26, 2017

I got a lot of secrets, so I got no shame on it...

Welcome to my first blog!

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  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo

    mumbled "Hi, guys!!"

    I miss you guys! First at all, how are you? Is everything fine while I went a little not online?

    Second, I'm sorry about not online lately. I was so busy to do my own stuffs. Did I tell you that Im been studying and work as Teaching Assistant on the children? So yeah, I got a job and I will update my stories tomorrow.

    Third and last question, I know that I will be away after I update one of my stories but I'll be here very soon as possible. Will I ever be miss by you guys, right?

    Thank you for reading my mumble!

    - Meli
    Rain :)
    2 weeks ago
    I miss you too! I'm good at the moment thanks.... how are you?
    I'm so glad you got a job working with children.... I love children.
    Yes you will be missed!
    Love, Rain xx
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    Thank you, I'm good!
  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo

    mumbled "Hey, guys! I'm on the break now!"

    I'm so busy to go to work hard, and I'm back to writing the stories. No more Writer Block! It took me to cure a long time than I thought.

    I want to say that I'm back. :)

    So, I'm on break for one week! Yes! That meant more writing these stories! Exciting?
    Goodnight, or good day! (Timezone)

    Rain :)
    1 months ago
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    Hi! Enjoy your break. ♡
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    Thanks, Rain
    1 months ago
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    Yes please do enjoy your break.
  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    That's amazing for a story! The way you write is flowing with the story, but it's too long to read for each chapter. If that's a reason for a lot of readers. I don't mean to say it in bad way, I'm just saying in the honesty way!
    Sorry if that comment's mean enough to you!
    Through, I like this story and I'm going to support you!
    - Meli
    Breaking Lylah
    Breaking Lylah
    She was a girl who liked to get drunk to solve her problems, he happened to sit next to her
    1 months ago
    Aw thank you for leaving such a nice comment!

    As far as chapter length goes, I personally prefer chapters between 1000-3000 words (which is what these are) because I feel like that's a basic chapter length for online writing, not too long nor too short. But everyone has their preference so I didn't find that statement mean :)
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    Okay! It's your choice of writing. :)

  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo

    mumbled "Writer block! :("

    Hey, guys!
    How are you?

    Anyway, I hate this word, 'Writer Block' because I was trying to finishing the story or old book, 'Blood' (as I tried to grammer it up and change it) and I was trying to publish my other book, 'New Love' but here it is!
    Writer Block..!

    Thank you,
    - Meli
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    I'm fine, thank you! Why did you hate it? I know that's a stupid question but it's a long break to cure it and I like it. :) I'm happy for now!
    Rain :)
    2 months ago
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    Fair enough. It just frustrates me when I cant write, not just for my stories but just generally. Good! ♡
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