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Hi, I am a teenage girl who loves to write!! I often have good ides for stories and books but I never have enough time to write them properly. Hopefully I will write some for Movellas!
My FAVE books and authors include:
The Gone Series and the BZRK trilogy by Michael Grant
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
all books by Kate Forsyth
all books by Michael Grant

Thanks and please add me, like me, do what ever!!! THANKYOOOOOUUUUU!!!! xxxxxx

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    I <3 <3 <3 BVB and MIW AND ATL!!!
    Kerrang! Tour 2014
    Kerrang! Tour 2014
    With a new band, Devil's Angels, comes with new people for the Kerrang! Tour. When Devil's Angels gets a invitation to join the Kerrang! 2014 tour, Abby, Steph, Beth, Amy, Sophie and Emily jumped on the...
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    This is really good, please update, I'd like to find out what happens!!
    I'd Rather People Hate Me For Who I Am Than Love Me For Who I'm Not
    I'd Rather People...
    You should read PeacockKiller's movellas. She's an awesome writer, and so nice. Hope you like this movella. Thanks. :)
    ♪ The Dreamer ♪
    Thanks, I will now. :)
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    Haha, thankyou!!
    The Greville Murder
    The Greville Murde...
    A short story that I wrote for my English assessment (although I got lower marks on this than the others!!) When Ralph Heywood finds out that he is left nothing in his masters will, after long hard...
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