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Childhood- building up me!

by , Sunday October 8, 2017
 Childhood- building up me!

First grade

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  • Mistopia

    mumbled "Hello World"

    18 minutes agoReply
    Ok, so I'm having a bit of highschool dilema. ANd it includes my author-ness. SO, we have a thing called 'personal project', where we pick something -- anything-- to do to improve our skills at it. I've chosen three things. 1] write my official M. Diaries story [not the ones I have published currently, because those are gonna go], 2] do digital art on flipaclip, and 3] write a comic. FULL COMIC not animation. Which two should I do to improve? [btw i'm new to comic and animation skills, but i think im doing good for being a nooby.] Please, advise me with your guy's wisdom.
  • Mistopia

    mumbled "I'm having trouble sticking to a story. . .."

    1 weeks agoReply
    I'm having my personal Author-Illness rn, because I keep starting waay to many stories without coming back to them . . . Curses idea farm :P
    Rain :)
    1 weeks ago
    Pretty certain it happens to all of us! ♡
  • Mistopia

    mumbled "Thirteen words For the Day"

    1 weeks agoReply
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    Hello, my fellow writers! Here is the daily thirteen words to get your imagination flowing! The challenge is to write a short (or long) story using all thirteen words given below!! Have fun and good luck!!

    1) Anti 2) Anger 3) Alliance 4) Bounty 5) Century 6) Crave

    7) Dare 8) Debt 9) Cutthroat 10) Disciple 11) Doorway 12) Echo

    13) Silhouette

    Try it out!!
    Rain :)
    1 weeks ago
    Goodness! I shall give it a go..... can't promise anything!
    5 days ago
    I will try I guess but if I do you will have to read it!
  • Mistopia
    1 weeks agoReply
    Oh noo!! The words that're supposed to be crossed out aren't lined through!!! :O
    My Inner Demons Aren't Crazy. . . They're Real.
    My Inner Demons...
    A diary sort of story about a girl who everyone thinks is crazy, this is the evidence recordings and data of either proving her insane, or just haunted by trauma.
  • Mistopia

    mumbled "Author Illness "

    1 weeks agoReply
    The clock ticking on the wall,
    I'm watching it-- expecting it to fall,
    The little fairy keeps kicking it,
    And I almost got hit,
    By the spirit throwing glass cups,
    Writing has its downs and ups,
    But my worst demon's hound
    Is me not writing it all down.
    This is the writer's worst flaw
    It's not abiding by the paper and pen law
    So when it comes to my thoughts,
    I'll write it down, with everything I've got.
    SO that way the little fairy is not fighting the clock,
    and I can finally ignore the lost idea's mock.

    [Hope you enjoyed my little poem! Lemme know what you think!]
    1 weeks ago
    I really enjoyed it :) I can actually relate to that right now though if im honest xD having racing thoughts but the inability to write is something most writers will struggle with and is the most frustrating experience of being a writer for sure! Its very short but very concise. A great read! :)
    1 weeks ago
    :O :D
    1 weeks ago
    This is Beautiful
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