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I'm Rebekah! I'm a college student majoring in English (non teaching) with a focus in Creative Writing and a minor in Greek Classical Studies. I've been writing since elementary school and reading is my second favorite pastime. I write all kinds of things, original and fanfiction. I hope to be a published author someday and am currently working on a novel.

Book I Can't Live without:
The Sevenwaters Series by Juliet Marillier. Seriously, you'll thank me :D




Dr. Who


White Collar



I love a lot more shows but those are the main ones. I do appreciate it when you review my work. Please do review or leave a comment. It helps me significantly. Critiques are welcome but try not to be hateful. No one likes to be bashed.

You can follow me on tumblr if you would like to. I do post my sherlock fics on there and Melanie has her own blog if you enjoy to roleplay or read them. My tumblr is:http://sevenwaters94.tumblr.com/ and there is a link to Melanie's blog through there! There is also art of Saving Moriarty by my best friend who's tumblr is http://bekahhasacamera.tumblr.com/. Check us both out if you'd like! :D

My profile picture was drawn by BekahHasACamera as was the picture of Claudia on Addictions.

Feel free to message me here or on tumblr!

"Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

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