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Hello!! I love reading,writing,dancing,listening to music,and cooking.My fav colors are orange,blue,and green.I have 4 siblings. My fav aritists are One Direction,Mindless Behavior,and Josh Levi.I love playing sports with my brother and the boys in my neighborhood.


  • mrs_One Direction
    This is really good......can't wait till you update !!!!
    The first time in 17 years
    The first time in...
    Sammy styles was kidnapped from her family, hours after giving birth to her daughter, Darcy styles. 17 years later and she is working for a 'ghost man' who has given her yet another mission to capture...
    6 years ago
    Thank you :) I will update soon
  • mrs_One Direction
    I love this book already!!!!!
    Catch me (harry styles)
    Catch me (harry...
    When I got that message everything turned upside Down, I was scared and affraid but will Harry Styles be able to catch me.
  • mrs_One Direction
    When r u going to write more???
    Ill give you 30 days
    Ill give you 30...
    Harry styles or niall horan how can you pick just one of them there my best fiends but they fall and well I'm to scared to fall cos I know that both arms will try to catch me but I don't want that ...
  • mrs_One Direction
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    I really like this poem...
    I Pray
    I Pray
    This is a poem I wrote some time ago. It's about God and how I want him to be for others what he is for me. If there is any spelling mistakes, I'm truly sorry! English is not my first language so I'm...
    Freja Rose
    6 years ago
    Thank you so much.
    I'm not that good at writing poems, but it's nice to hear that someone enjoys my Work!
    mrs_One Direction
    No problem..I think you can write very well...I cant write poetry if it was to save my life
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