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What the fuck is wrong with society?
It isn't letting me add a profile picture!
;-; This is some ******* bull.

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    This story is so confusing to read. (Sorry about the upcoming critisism). "Ain't" isn't a word. Then, the phrase 'it don't'? You have the personality of an emo all wrong. Not all "emo's" have stretched ears. Not all "emo's" have piercings or tattoos. Not all "emo's" listen to straight "scream rock". There are different of genres. I can tell you know NOTHING about "emo's" so, I suggest researching on the term/fashion style "emo" because you'll get the REAL meaning of "emo". Also, not all "emo's" are depressed. That is what pisses me off the most. People use "emo" characters and they are always "depressed". I never see stories with a happy and bubbly emo person. So, I'm not a big fan of the story. But nice job anyways. xxx
    The Emo Inside
    The Emo Inside
    My name is Krewella Styles. Yes I am the sister of the very famous Harry Styles. I'm 16 years old. I'm emo and I get hated a lot.
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    But it was just the way I see things I know I'm not gonna get the information right sometimes and if you want a bubbly happy emo then write your own story. But this is how I want my story to go and I'm sorry that it doesn't meet up to your standards but you could've just left.
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