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"Bite your tongue
Don't make a scene Dear
Everybody's been here
At least once before
But we've been here more."

ATTENTION: all of my work is copyright of me.

Only I, the author, am allowed to make and distribute copies, modify or build upon, and display or perform my works in public.

Doing any of the above without my permission is ILLEGAL. I can legitimately take you to court for doing this if I wanted to.

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    mumbled "So many notifications... 0.0"

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    Jeez, I was only gone for a week. I've got like 180 notifications and there is no way I'm reading through them all. If there's something important you need me to see, I'd advise that you post it here.

    Also, about the anti-fanfic I was going to write- It'll probably be on hold for a while now.

    Aaaand one last thing- if you go to CreativeCommons.org, you can basically get your work copyrighted for free. No registration of your work is required, either, you just pick a license and state which license it's protected under in said work. People can, however, still share your work (yes, even on writing websites) but they have to attribute it to you it's still better than being plagiarized.

    MyUsername is out!
    (Remind me never to say that again)
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    mumbled "Taking a break..."

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    I've decided to take a break from movellas for a while... I don't know for how long exactly, but hopefully not for more than a few weeks. Sorry to all my co-authors and fans, and especially Hopeless Wanderer and Mirlotta for not even writing anything in opposite song parodies before taking a break. Well, bye for now then guys ;)
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    mumbled "O.o "

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    Free read to whoever guesses what song the lyrics in my bio are from :3
    7 years ago
    OMG sorry, I haven't been on in a while. There's still time to enter, isn't there? (And psh, I am not a skilled writer In any way)
    7 years ago
    It's perfectly fine. Of course you can still enter! Just click on my profile, on my Movellas, and you'll see the The Jordan Awards.
    7 years ago
    Sorry @Paintbrush I don't think I can anymore...
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    7 years agoReply
    Thank you so much! No to decide which amazing cover to use o.O
    [Old] Lily Anna's Covers *CLOSED*
    [Old] Lily Anna's...
    This used to be my main cover store but I now have a newer version so feel free to go there for any covers.
    Lily Anna
    7 years ago
    Awww, your welcome! :)
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