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Hello, you.
My names Natalie, born in 1997, and I'm a hobby write and artist.
The genre that i write is usually fantasy of some sort, whether werewolves, vampire, dragons, Fae or other creatures, but i always (mostly always) have some sort of romance.
My covers are all made by me (sourced from internet and edited). If you want a cover please leave me a message including tittle, author (if you want one added), genre and suggested cover image.
Thank you- Natalie :D

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    mumbled "Followers....Gasp!"

    I got 143 followers and i've only been on here for four(nearly 5) months! Go me! I must be doing something right!

    Sorry...i don't mean to brag...

    Actually i do! I'm sorry!
  • My Sweet Nightmares
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    I read an awesome story were they did both and i really liked the idea a lot. They were completely knowledgeable on what they did and were practically human in that sense, and looked like a wolf (modern version), however when they got mad they went completely wolf in mind, crazy, blood lusting and all except they could were the classic werewolf then. That make sense?
    Anyway, it was really good because they couldn't be pulled back by anyone except their mate, or had to be knocked out/get exhausted enough to pass out before they turned. Also the writer made a disease that effected their brain made them go mad-resulting in the classic wolf.
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    mumbled "Crappy RP"

    The Rp on here are crappy-and i don't mean the content. I use Quotev, and the comments and replies are sometimes sooooo freaking long and detailed, and on here it's hardly a sentence. Boring. (No offense to anyone who does those Rps....)
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