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Hellloooo my little apples!!!! My name is Ajay, das me on the pic ⬆️and I love to write books as you can see XD I also love to do sports ! �� I was born in the Philippines, but moved to Cali and YASS das all my children hehe ����

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    Awwww tank you soo much <3 @[K. E. Kamiko]
    Great Big Poetic Thank You!
    Great Big Poetic...
    Using the idea I stole from Writerman (go fan him if you like poetry. He's really good), I am creating a giant compilation of poetry- each one dedicated to a different fan of mine. I will add to it as...

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    Hey, I'm really sorry for replying this late. I just saw what you wrote and I am so sorry for not replying. I barely go on here because there's been a lot of troubles.. I'm really sorry for what happened to you. I know this is REALLY late, but thank you for trying I appreciate it :) Also, I hope you can forgive for replying this late DX
    ~ Aj
    7 years ago
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    Its fine haha. xD but yeah its totally fine! I.m never really on sadly and look at my late reply ohmergerd
    7 years ago
    You sure XD hahahaha @[Happy ]
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    hi Aqua I just read your journal and thank you soo much <3 I really appreciate it :)
    Aqua's Advice Journal
    Aqua's Advice Jour...
    Welcome to our advice journal! If you want tips and advice, comment with your name and your question/problem. Approximate wait time for a response is 1-3 days depending on how busy I am. (Cover by GreenTide...
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    please update!!! :)
    Counting Stars
    Counting Stars
    16 year old Lela Hemmings has never felt real love. Her father died when she was 15 and her mother died giving birth to Lela. Lela lives with her Aunt. She is depressed, insecure, and shy. She walks the...
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    wow you write this is amazing!! keep up the good work! please make more!! :D xx
    How Much, How Long, How Can?
    How Much, How Long...
    A short poem about an undying love that is unrequited, creating pain and misery for the innocent girl so lost in love.
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