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So, I'm mainly gonna write about comic books, ngl - predominantly X-Men.

I'm a cosplayer - prepare for a lot of in-costume selfies!

They/Them pronouns for this kid, please. B)

Favourite Series:- New X-Men: Academy X.
I Recommend:- Wolverine and the X-Men, Young Avengers, Red Robin, and The Wicked + The Divine.
Favourite Character:- Elixir/Josh Foley of the X-Men.
- Julian Keller (Hellion) x Josh Foley (Elixir) - Marvel.
- Kevin Ford (Wither) x Josh Foley (Elixir) - Marvel.
- Quentin Quire (Kid Omega) x Evan Sabahnur (Genesis) - Marvel.
- Quentin Quire (Kid Omega) x Daken (Dark Wolverine) - Marvel.
- Jason Todd (Red Hood) x Tim Drake (Red Robin) - DC.

Achievements on Movellas:-
- 'Convergent', winner of 'Divergent: The Official Fanfiction Contest'.
- 'Liberty Blue', winner of 'Divergent: A Writing Competition'.
- 'The Boy With the Red Sunglasses', cover of the day, 14th July '14.
- Official Movellas Ambassador, '14-'15.
- Winner of the Comic Strip Category for Project Remix.
- Official Movellas Ambassador, '15-'16.
- Special mention in 'The Snowflake Method Competition'.
- 'Enough', winner of the 'Spoken Word Competition'.
- 3rd Instagram Takeover
- Official Movellas Social Media Ambassador, '16-'17.
- Blog Posted (July '16) - "Why You Should Try Writing Graphic Novels"

  • Pikachunicorn
    Awww. Adorable happy ending.
    Our love in the shadows
    Our love in the...
    Isaiah and Megan one day were the best of friends and they were super close one day she fell for him and he fell for her what happens when things take a turn for the worst. *carve the Mark Writing competition*...
  • Pikachunicorn
    Woah! This is so deep! Well done! Great entry!
    The Queen of Hearts - A Story of Forbidden Love (Carve the Mark Competition Entry)
    The Queen of Heart...
    *1st PLACE in the CARVE THE MARK COMPETITON * This Fanfiction is based on Marissa Meyer's book, Heartless. *FANFICTION CONTAINS SPOILERS* It is a year after the crowning of Lady Catherine and though...
    3 years ago
    Thank you so much!!
  • Pikachunicorn
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    Really well worked into the prompt!
    This story is based on the tagline: ''Honor has no place in survival'' It's for the ''Carve the Mark'' competition
    3 years ago
    Thank you, Pikachunicorn.
  • Pikachunicorn
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    I love this story. Really such an imaginative and original idea! Keep up the good work!
    ""Thats her!" Someone shouts and suddenly Im on the run." In a world where the colour of your hair determines your social role and personality, having more than one colour is dangerous. The colour...
    3 years ago
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    aw thank you! The full version is on wattpad under the same name if youre interested :)
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