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I have always loved to write but most of the time I'm afraid to let people I know that I write. So this is my way of putting my writing out there and getting feed back both good and bad. Thanks for reading!

  • Quinn Taylor

    mumbled "Followers?"

    Hello all i need some followers! I need some feed back! good or bad if you read my story (thanks for reading) please give me your thoughts i would really like the help! Thank you all for the support and reads it makes me fell more confident in my writing.
  • Quinn Taylor
    I really love this I can't wait to read more!
    Evelyn is a young woman finding her way in Victorian Britain, her wealthy father has had her life planned out for her since she was a babe in arms, but now she is older and can make her own decisions is...
  • Quinn Taylor

    mumbled "Thanks to the readers!"

    thanks to the 29 people who have read my story so far. This is monumental for me as i have never shown another living person anything i have written! Thanks for the support guys!
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