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Hi everyone i'm Ravenstar45 and I am a writer in the U.S XD! Ever since I was young (like 3 yrs old) I wanted to be an author. I hope to accomplish this by showing my different abilities, to attain the aspect of being a writer. After all books are not a big pile of paper with words on it. They are who the writer is, they express and give new life. Anyway, here is some stuff about who I am, and I hope you like some of my stories and the person I want to be.

Well, I'm more of the quiet and shy type unless I run into a conversation about a few various video games, books, or even just something random! I am in middleschool, I am a fangirl when it comes too Black Veil Brides, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Rhcp <333, Rammstein, A Perfect Circle, Garbage, REM and so many other bands I can't list em all! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ROSES!!!!!!!!!! I am also into the style of black eyeliner and black eyeshadow xD

I am also as loyal as a German Shepherd and my sin is Wrath so be aware my fellow comrades for you will be slain if you hurt the ones I am close too...

So other than that... All I must say is "Stay Epic!" and be the best person you can be!

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    mumbled "Im actually in England guys!"

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    Hey, any British friends! I finally made it to England! I'm only out here for a few days so... I don't know if I might be able to see or meet anyone, but if I do then... YAY XD
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    All I saw were the words World of Warcraft and I started reading! It brings back so much nostalgia please continue!
    Twice Cursed: Tales Of A Worgen Death Knight
    Twice Cursed: Tale...
    I wasn't always like this - a monster. I was a human, a citizen of the Alliance. I've fought in wars, I've lost myself in isolation, and now I live with the reality of my own death. My name is Reyune....
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    mumbled "Im Back! For the second time! "

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    Alright, sooooo! Le Raven of the Star has returned YAY! I has a few things to speak about... (That Grammer tho XD)
    So prepare your reading minds xD
    Warning lots of shit has been happening....



    So, one reason I have been gone for hell how long?! Is I'm doing summer classes, to keep up my grades for when school gets back. I'm also helping paint my old school! Ikr so fun -_-
    Also, I umm, have a special someone as you might say. Ohhh btw! Me, and my dad are trying out some new storylines, and stuff for D&D, and Warhammer40K. So, I might have some new stories soon! Also hey any British friends I'm heading to England on the 28th! Another btw moment here! I have a Deviantart account now... You, don't even have to ask my username, you'll probably already know what it is. (Ik my art probably sucks! No need to rub it in xD) Last thing, my mother's cousins are out, and hogging my computer... So, I can't upload stories until, in between the time they leave, and before my trip and during August!
    Ok let's relax our reading minds xD Wait... This website is made for reading... Nevermind xD

    Anyway, that's why I've been gone...
    Love you all guys! Stay epic!

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