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by , Saturday March 30, 2019

So this Blog is created to keep you guys up to date on my writing, collaborations, Q&A'S, upcoming stories, previews and basically my activity on Movellas. 

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    mumbled "DISGUSTED"

    5 days agoReply
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    Look at the top of ur page. Click blogs. select user blogs. Enough said
    Jade Wolffe
    5 days ago
    I don't see what you are seeing
    4 days ago
    People and bots once again promoting themselves or companies and exploiting Movellas. This is a writing community, not a pornographic or economic site
    Jade Wolffe
    3 days ago
    I've seen them before but they weren't on the blog when I looked. It's so sad that people do that, and they get likes and comments too!

    mumbled "ASHWAYS COMPLETED!!!!"

    6 days agoReply
    Decided to publish it all now cos i feel its ready. Its inspired by the darkest parts of my life and the ending hopefully will pull at your heartstrings with a very emotional punch. My stories dont usually end that way but I feel like AshWays is very different. Its my first concept story I've written and has taken months to get to this stage. Thx also for Rain who has supported me through and helped inspire multiple chapters through this :)
    AshWays ~The Euphoric City~Maybe you want to visit the AshWays through a narrative, or maybe witness the city through quotes, or maybe you want to journey through it through poetry...
    5 days ago
    That's great

    mumbled "Frustrated"

    1 weeks agoReply
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    Although AshWays is my biggest pride out of all the works I've done, there has been chapters that have been emotionally difficult to write. They touch upon sensitive topics such as my mental disorders, and coming to terms with them. It is difficult in the sense that when writing- I put all my pain and emotion into every sentence and no word is chosen by coincidence. Today I am having a problem which I have never ever had before in my time as a writer- my mind is so chaotic that I cannot string any words out and the movellas page is blank. Im struggling to know where to even start. This also confuses me because as a writer, I've always had an idea of where to begin but today even that is a challenge. Anyone have any advice or suggestions?
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