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I am an American, that loves to write. I love to sing, and draw. Although I cannot draw realistically, I still do...

I decided to write when I got this laptop, that was probably a year or two ago, and I haven't stopped since then. I won't ever stop!

I love to do things with my friends even though some of them are mean grr...

My go to song would probably be, 'Carry On My Wayward Son' By Kansas. I love Supernatural, and I usually write about the unusual....

People and their why's

by , Sunday October 30, 2016

People ask why...

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  • Superstition

    mumbled "Writers Needed"

    6 months agoReply
    Is anybody willing to start a story with me? Depending on our interests and plot ideas that's where we could start. There are a few fandoms I belong to as well that might list, such as, MHA/BNHA, Supernatural, Diabolik Lovers, The Walking Dead, and a few others. Also, I like designing my own stories in the following genres, horror, thriller, supernatural, romance, and that's about it. Comment if you want to write something with me!
    Oh Deer I'm Queer
    6 months ago
    Okay, if you love DEH, then I think it would be easiest to do a deh one bc I think it's the only thing we have in common XD
    Im doing that with my other friend on wattpad
    6 months ago
    I am interested in writing with you all as well. I love supernatural, bts, miraculous lady bug, death note, dear evan hansen
  • Superstition

    mumbled "I'm alive again"

    Can I just start by saying, I am alive again?
    I have been off this site, for about 2-3 years
    I wish to write something with someone
    And I promise I have improved tremendously
    1 years ago
    I live in Virginia
    Steve Clark
    1 years ago
    what type of songs do you sing? Do you sing any Christian contemporary pop/rock?
    Martina Madsen
    1 years ago
    I'm from Denmark and would love to write something with you :3
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