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Hello, I am from Wattpad (TFALokiwriter). By the way Loki the Norse god of trickery and Mischief is my icon, he's portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in Thor movies and The Avengers.

And I found this website through a topic on Wattpad help.

I am a Transformer fan, Whovian, Sleepy Head, Fan of Angel 1999 TV series; I also write Trilologies, Sagas, duologys, and so on. It's fun to write about things that catch my interest. So long as it is fine by me!

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    mumbled "Sorry,Star Trek meets reality readers"

    Been busy writing 'Out of his shell' a Star Trek au fanfic. 10 Chapters long, look forward to return into Star Trek meets Reality! I am still world building how everything changes and what the Enterprise could look like, the level of decks, the quarters, the number of population, the hull plating,the shields, and the bridge to name a few. Out of his shell is to be completed this upcoming week or Sunday. On chapter 9 as of this moment. And I am just really, really, really proud how it has been turning out for Out of his shell. :) Lotta Spones in this one! XD Have a fantastic month!
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    mumbled "Star Trek meets reality update 2"

    Oh em gee, I am so sorry that I didn't post this chapter this Monday. I totally forgot that I was supposed to post it on Monday because I saw Star Trek Beyond. (Which was totally awesome) And I must be always one chapter ahead so next week there could be no new chapters unless I have one or two chapters written ahead of time. My apologies. I hope you are enjoying reading this story ^.^
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    mumbled "Star Trek meets reality update"

    I have posted three extra chapters because I was posting the beginning of the story arch on AO3. I was itching to post it. Where they met the most familiar member of the group. And now I feel so relieved to have posted it. All righty, I will post the next chapter on another monday. Because those chapters have got to be fulfilling and satisfy your interest for the time being. I hope you enjoy reading them! :D
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    mumbled "Posting schedule for Star Trek meets reality"

    I will post one new chapter every Monday for Star Trek meets reality. And if I forget to post on a Monday then I will post two chapters. Imagine my surprise after seeing it hit 220 hits when I thought it would hit 20 to 100 hits. Thank you Trekkers! ^.^ Tomorrow is Monday! :D
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    mumbled "Star Trek meets reality"

    Writing this story feels like writing Time of the Enterprises. Right at the beginning. But I am now going to set chapter posting goals after I see how many hits it receives tomorrow so I can pace myself in posting the story. I won't post any new chapters today as I am ahead by two chapters as of this moment. I have a few story archs in mind. Feels like it can hit 10 to 20 chapters but I feel like it won't be resolved with ten chapters so maybe 20 to 30? I have been giving this story idea very thorough thoughts. I am seeing this story hitting 20 to 100 hits since it lacks a bookcover. Speaking of that. If you read the story by the time you see this post then you can make a bookcover. ^,^ It seems everyone hits a story that features the Enterprise in the center. *Shrug* No, fans, this is not a Qicard fanfic. This story idea was inspired by Spock/Kirk TOS Shattered music video with the scenes going faster. But if you do want a Qicard story that will be much later. :) I am enjoying writing this story. It feels like a slow progressing story. I look forward to writing Bill and Spock meeting the rest of the crew along the way! And eventually completing it ^.^ :D Live long and prosper :)
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