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Hi we are Chelsea❤ and Charli❤ . We are both 13 years old and we are both in year 7 this year. We both love to write. We both love One Direction, Evanescence and Avril Lavigne. Thank you if you read our stories. We hope you enjoy them :) Chelsea is the blonde Charli is the brunette.

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  • Thesilentones

    mumbled "Prequel??"

    How would you guys like a prequel to the Haunted house fic?
    Lucy Cotterell
    5 years ago
    I love your story and can you make another story about the prequel to the one direction haunted house please pretty please
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    mumbled "Dear Charli"

    I miss you, I wish we were going to the same High School. We met in Kindy and we got along quite well, you got put in a separate class in Reception and then we were in the same class all the way till year 5. We always talked and we've had our fights. Year 5 was probably the best year we've had together. We would tell each other our secrets the guys we like and we told each other everything. I remember when I was told I was moving schools, I was so peeved off because I didn't want to leave you and the others. Last year I would always talk about you to my friends and remember when you came over the day the world was meant to end and we played in the pool and made up all these stupid things :). I remember we would text each other every day until you broke you IPod. How you did that I will never know because the way you said you broke it was confusing. Claymation was so fun and I was LITTLE RED CHELSEA :) and We had little slugs, and remember how Ryan had to lightning over and over and he stuffed up. You always seem to cheer me up


    Remember this song?

    Thank you for always being there for me :)

    - Chelsea
    7 years ago
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    I actually can't believe how successful this book got, thank you everyone that read this - Chelsea
    Haunted House
    Haunted House
    Chelsea, Charli, Lila, Daniela, Sara, Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were really good friends one Valentines day they all decided to spend the night in a old house. The house looks fine from the outside...
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    mumbled "Dear Chelsea"

    we havent talked in a while, and I freaking miss you. A lot. You live down the road, and bit behind my fence, but both of us can't be bothered getting of our butts and going to the other's house (or are you busy, and I'm lazy? oh well~) I cant remember the last time we gave eachother a proper hug, or squealed over how awesome a band is while dancing around and almost falling over shit. i remember when we used to sit in ur room, listening to music, and i'd go home with twenty thousand new songs spiralling around my head, and when we used to play handball with the guys in our class, and how you came up with a group, where we sang, and petrified felicia infront of our class. I remember how we used to fan-scream over an Avril Lavinge poster, and how we got into a argument for half a year after I called you blondie, then you went and said to me a year later you were gonna dye youre hair platinum blonde and put streaks in it so u could be like Avril Lavinge. That made me feel like smashing my head against a brick wall. -_-" I remember how once, when we were practicing a song, me and sharna got so pissed off we walked away from u and fels and started swinging on the soccer goals, ending up in Sharna kicking Owens balls. (SO FUCKIN FUNNY) I remember how you always used to cheer me up, and how you were always there for me. Which is why I am so glad to have you in my life.

    You are the best. Fucking. Friend. I've. Ever. Had.

    And I fucking love you to peices.

    Heres a song you may know:

    Thanks for being my best friend, metaphorical sister, and the crazy bitch who makes me smile.

    8 years ago
    You are the best friend I have ever had, and when you called be blondie I over reacted, and all those fights were stupid ok I feel stupid now about dying my hair ( thank god I never did)

    I love you as a sister - Chels
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