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    why does bea have a guy name? (omg parker williams was a name of an old character of mine i crie)
    the tapes ◇ cth
    the tapes ◇ cth
    ❝you were red and you liked me because I was blue you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn't for you❞ thanks to @h a n n a h for the cover
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    I used to know a girl named Parker :T
    I think that the name Parker is becoming more popular as a girls name even though it started off as a boy's name.
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    Hi! Your covers are absolutely incredible and I'd love one for my story Flower Boy (:

    Title: Flower Boy
    Author: I'd rather not have one, but if necessarily: Anastacia
    Genre: One Direction Fanfiction
    Celebrities or models: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, but I also really like what you did for "Sweetie Pie" and such a cover without celebrities would be cool too (:
    Ideas: I was thinking of a light and dreamy/fairytale feel, but also with a touch of sadness? It's about an unrequited love; one boy always having been in love with the other boy, and the other boy was always too much living in his own world to even notice. Also, I like there to be mainly use of pastel colors instead of bright colors.

    I hope that's enough for you to go on, thanks! c:
    Couvertures Foundation
    Couvertures Founda...
    ❝welcome to nathaniel's cover store for every genres❞
    Oh, also if there is enough space, could you possible add a quote onto it? "But I loved him first."
    If not, that's fine (:
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    mumbled "Don't attack, instead educate"

    I have seen it too many times on this site, but also on Twitter and what not. People refer to a transgender person the wrong way, they use the wrong pronouns for a cisgender person, or they might say something homophobic without even realizing it. A good example, when Caitlyn Jenner released her Vanity cover and everyone was talking about her. Demi Lovato tweeted "Guys.... Caitlyn Jenner has better boobs than I do... ������" and everyone immediately attacked her saying she was being a transmisogynist, as did people start fighting with each other over it in the comments. I remember at the time being confused because I didn't understand what she had said wrong, but I didn't dare to ask anyone because I feared getting attacked for it. Eventually after spending some time wrecking my brain over it I realized that Demi was with that tweet basically implying that her boobs were better than those of a "real" woman, as if Caitlyn wasn't and saying that as a cis woman by default should look better or have better boobs. Also, with that tweet she placed them in a box as if trans women need a passing or as if she should validate them. But my point is, they just attacked. I didn't understand. Of course there are some people that are just transmisogyists and homophobic and all, but there also just people that don't understand. I understand that the LGBT community has been placed in a society in which they are continuously attacked, so the feel the need to constantly bite from themselves off and stand up for themselves, but not everyone is like that. All I'm saying is I wish we could instead of always immediately attacking people, we could try to educate. Of course, not everyone will listen, but isn't it at least worth a shot?
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