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I am Tyler, im new to here. The person who was role playin here on this account as Katy Perry, gave this account to me.

I dont know what to type here... ill tell you bout myself.

Im Tyler, my full name is Tyler-James Devon (and you dont need to know my last name....) SO! You can call me TJ, Ty, Tyler, or Tyler-James.

I like Blue and Green....

I like Niall.... and Harry... Louis... Zayn an Liam....

i like reading so i wouldlove if you suggest stories to me! :) Byeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

~Tyler James x

  • Tyler Horan
    6 years agoReply
    Tittle of book: Problems
    Author: tyler.james
    About: Niayla Horan is Niall Horans lil sister. Harry is falling for her... but what he doesnt know is that Niayla has cancer. its basically about how Harry finds out and their life together... but there is lot of suspense in it... like is she gonna survive?
    Mood: kinda sad but with happy moments
    Celeb: Harry and Niall and then some blonde girl (haha)
    Quote: You Only Live Once
    i think thats it. thank you. this story is in my drafts and i desperately need a cover. thank you so much.
    Cover Store
    Cover Store
    Here's the cover store. Just fill in the information in the first chapter. If I seem to forget please contact me. Thanks -x-
    I'll do it tomorrow but right now i gotta go to sleep :) haha
    Is it still Tyler.james because i see yours says Tyler Horan now???
    Hi?? did u still want your cover??
  • Tyler Horan
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    Name/Tittle: Problems
    Mood: Kinda sad, as the one of the main chracters, Niayla (girl) has cancer and Harry is her boy
    Celebrities: Harry Styles and a blonde girl
    i dont have a summary as its in my drafts... sorry
    Author: me. tyler.james
    Color scheme: i dont mind. i think black an white, not bright colours tho. what you think looks good :)
    Cover or banner? Cover please! :)
    Thank you so much. x
    Cover|Banner Store ♡
    Cover|Banner Store...
    Hiyaaa! Please read first chapter for instructions and samples c:
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