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Hey y'all, I'm Shea and I hope y'all like my writing!!❤️
��Thankyou❤️Love y'all��

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    mumbled ""Welcome" {MC} Q&A"

    There will be another update to "Welcome" but it will not be the story. I'm hosting a Q&A only for "Welcome"{Michael Clifford} please comment any questions and I'll answer them in the next update!
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    Recently, @[CALUMS PUPPY] and myself, have decided to co-lab on a story!
    I 10/10 recommend y'all to go check that out on either of our accounts!
    It's called "Social Casualties" and it's a 5sos fanfic (obviously)
    I am still dedicated to the movellas that I write myself and I will continue to make "rounds" by taking turns on which stories are updated
    Thankyou for reading so far<3
    Love y'all
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    Follow me @BandomAddiction !! I may starts contests/'What Makes Them Beautiful' posts/ ships and etc depending on how many of you want to follow xx
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