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Willow Angel YouTube story account! :D


This account is for all the YouTube stories I write because I write way too many of them :D

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    mumbled "*shameless self-promo is shameless*"

    I have YouTube stories galore on my account if y'all would be so kimd as to check them out :D

    ~"Once Upon a Kik" - Phan ft KickTheStickz
    ~"00:00" - Septiplier ft Phan
    ~"In the Minute Before Midnight" - Phan ft Septiplier (set in the same universe as above)
    ~"Exam Time Again" - Septiplier one-shots based around high scnool exams XD
    ~"Just The Little Things" - Septiplier one-shots, just pointless fluff XD
    ~"Cure for the Summertime Blues" - big YouTube AU with a bunch of different YouTubers in it, and gay ships galore, haha XD

    Welp, it would mean the world to me if you guys took a bit of time to read them :) cheers!

    -@[Willow Angel]
  • youtubeisdefinitelyonfire
    Hey there! I have a couple of quick questions before I make a request :)

    You said "no stories with explicit language", and the story I'm asking for a cover for (Once Upon a Kik) has a fair bit of swearing in it (f-word, etc, but nothing overly offensive like "f*ggot" as a homophobic term) - does that count as explicit language?

    Also, I have this story up on another website (Wattpad), which has different cover sizes. Would you be able to make one for both this site and Wattpad?

    Just thought I should ask before making a request :) Thanks! :D
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    Chrissy Sky
    4 years ago
    No, sorry, I don't make covers for stories with excessive explicit language. Nor do I make Wattpad covers anymore.

    Really sorry about this. There are plenty other great cover stores on Movellas, why not try one of those? :)
    Okay, thank you for replying! :D

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