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I am Doctor Who fan. I love fantasy, sci-fi, romance and some fanfiction genres. I am also a fan of Disney movies. I like mythical creatures mostly dragons and unicorns and phoenixes. My favorite animal is a llama. My favorite mythical creature is a dragon. My favorite type of food is veggies. My favorite color is green. I'm optimistic and a total extrovert. My go-to phrase is flippin' freakin' fiddlesticks. I also love Marvel Loki and gay ships.

  • Lady Disney
    I have a request, so nobody but my friends notice and I mean I talk to people but I kind butt into their conversations and seem weird. So, no one but my friends want me around how do I get people to see I'm actually really cool to hang around?
    Girl Handbook
    Girl Handbook
    Girl Handbook is a guide to the mind of the average Teenage girl, pre-teen, and even adult women. And the crazy hormones girls have. Girl handbook expresses the troubles of the average girl , Girl codes,...

  • Lady Disney
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    OMG, is this a lesbian love story? Please say yes.
    This is a story about the son of the moon, and the middle daughter of a very minor star. It should be, at least. Spoilers: it isn't.
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