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Hey this is (bloodyrose/HeartFox Or you can call me Zoey DON't take my old usernames I MAY Go BACK To IT) I have so many Otps I'm working on a story right now so it may be a while . I LOVE DISNEY a lot and I'm a supernatural fan ❤️ true love only happens in our OTPS also for our YouTubebers
I love Fantasy books �� just NotHP aka Harry Potter PS I Don't READ POPULAR BOOKS BECAUSE WHY READ WHAT everyone else wants to read When you can read your own or the least popular in my opinion they Suck.
Also I write AUs storyies sometimes.

I hope you like my movellas and I hope you fan me I love all my fans aka my stars.

Also I hate One Direction Sorry Not Sorry

Winner for best FanFiction in the Christmas Advent Calendar Competition:�� CoffeeHouse Supernatural fanfic. In 2016

Two Quotes by me: If I where the droplets of the rain. I would be heartbroken forever and the lighting will hid my fake smile and pain forever. ~Fantasygirl1
Other one: writing by me The first story is sad,the Second time you heard it, it's brings a pain to your heart~ Fantasygirl1

Ps I'm fangirl so don't make me mad

My world is just different than yours and that's okay.
Song lyrics writer✍��❤️
And storyies writer����
Quotes writer also✒️
My real pen name is: ZoeyAngelWings
Wattpad: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/eWm676LRfE
TVTime: https://www.tvtime.com/en/user/11339609/profile
Weheartit: https://weheartit.com/HeartFox
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Mirakee: https://www.mirakee.com/weirdkorra
weBlogIt: https://weblogit.co.uk/u/Korra

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    mumbled "If anyone wants updates on The new platform!"

    Jamie WILL KEEP YOU POSTED AND UPDATED about it here is Jamie page you can read his mumbles movellas.com/user/jamie.jamesson it tells you
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    Chapter one is good
    Werehog In Love - Sonamy FanFiction
    Werehog In Love...
    He always felt that he was very lucky to be the super hero. He loved the attention so much that sometimes he gets jealous when he sees one of his friends get more attention than he has. One day, his...
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    mumbled "So I’m not going to on"

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    I’m not going to be on September 4 because I’m getting my molars taken out so I maybe be back in October or when I feel better.
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