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I try to do my best, but often the best is not enough. I often talk to myself to plot stories (since I need an expert opinion on these matters!) but seriously? I'm just another normal person, trying to make sense of what is happening around me.

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    I can't belive that people are so unfair. I get harrased because of my height and my reading habits! I always thought Japan was a fair place, were you were never judged. I have been proved wrong. If only racism would stop. I can speak very few Japanese words (very poorly) but I try to learn! It should be at least recognised that we try to learn their language if nothing else!
    Racism in Japan
    Racism in Japan
    This is an extremely difficult issue to talk about that I get to the bottom of.
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    I think you started off really well, just got to finish it now! Please can you help me out with something? I'm trying to do some research for a new book. Do you know anything about Youko? Thanks. :)
    Victoriana (Manga)
    Victoriana (Manga)
    The Manga version of the Movella! (also the first original manga on Movellas ;) ) Drawn by yours truly. To read the first three chapters of Victoriana, please go here: http://www.movellas.com/en/book/read/20130218192622...
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    mumbled "Why comment if you write:"

    Why do people always comment, 'yours is good but I want you to read mine.'? Strange people........
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    Seriously? Weird hahaha I have a different way. I read others movella and ask them if they can read mine too :D
    Like this >>>
    I Beg A DropThis is an entry for a 24-hour-poetry competition about WATER! THIS ENTRY IS ONE OF THE 6 WINNERS OF THE 24-HOUR-POETRY COMPETITION! I AM PROUD OF...

    Please read mine if you can :D
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